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WTFive O’clock – C’MON MAN!!!

So as you guys know I’m really big into Twitter and Facebook which is why I run them for the show.  One of the radio personalities I follow, DJ Devi Dev, hosts  on 97.9 the Box in Houston, TX.  She got a call from a listener that just makes you want to quote Monday Night Football,  for saying Tupac was Christ on Earth…”C’MON MAN”.

Click here to here or the picture below to hear the call.

Now I don’t know about all that but I’m going to disagree. DJ Devi Dev got a laugh out of it. Check out her blog and website while you’re there.

DJ Devi Dev looking like DJ E-Yo from our show...except that she's gorgeous lol. Sorry Eric

Speaking of C’MON Man it seems my Cowboys were always on that segment. In case you didn’t get my reference from before &  since I’m starving for football right now, I’ll throw you guys a bone. Here’s ESPN’s C’MON Man Segment from Week 8 last season.

That’s it for today guys listen in to the rest of the show! Just click Listen Live.