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Lunchtime Links 8/3/11: Shaq gets shut down at the White House Gates

If you have a problem with Minka Kelly, you need to reevaluate your manhood.


via The Basketball Jones
There was a loophole in the Massachusetts Lottery which was exploited by an old gas station attendant. Former Steelers coach Horton gives his car away for $20 to a cafeteria worker. 18-1 odds on Tiger, would you take that? Ever wonder what Bernie Kosar’s daughter is doing these days? If you guessed porn, you’d be right.



WTFive O’clock

Today quick fast and at ya head! We talked about Shaq’s new statue at LSU. At first he was reluctant but after a few demands he gave the okay.

Is this how Shaq envisioned his statue

Or maybe this?

Today is the anniversary of the death of one of the greatest musicians to ever walk this Earth, Bob Marley R.I.P. Big Guy

Check out what his son Damian “Jr Gong”  Marley is up to with Nas:

As We Enter

Nah Mean

WTFive o’clock

Here it is WTFive o’ clock first segment. Here’s something funny for you guys to see. Today we’ll just take some random things we find funny and throw them at you. Just click the links in order and watch the videos.

You’ll have to click the link because the person who posted it disabled embedding. Thanks.

Kevin Hart on Shaq falling:


Here’s Shaq actually falling:

Ron Artest…you are a crazy guy. Crazy funny.

Ron Artest on Lopez Tonight....wow


Inside...too much