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Lunchtime Links 8/30/11: Once upon a time Nick Saban was a jerk to Will Muschamp’s mom

Rihanna. You can’t forget how lovely she is. Man driving a stolen golf cart gets DWI (honestly, I’m surprised we don’t see more of this). Nick Saban reprimanded Will Muschamp’s mom once. Seriously? Apparently Chocolate is good for you. Odd drunk behavior on planes… snakes not included. This 86 year old man accidentally stabbed himself in the face with pruning shears and lived to tell about it – That is awesome.

Lunchtime Links 8/29/11: Lady Gaga dressed up as a dude… Dude.

I heart the U in the this picture; admit it, so do you. Lady Gaga dressed up as a dude who bore a striking resemblance to Al Pacino at the VMAs. Davies is back at BYU. This man put one of his employees in a box naked. Because when I think of George Lucas’s daughter I think of being punched in the face over and over and over. Cowherd has a beef with Arian Foster on twitter… color me shocked.

Lunchtime Links 8/26/11: This is what living the high life at 59 will get you

Kate Upton from that awesome Sobe commercial, BOOYAH! This kid is incredible, delivered his baby brother at 12 years of age.  59-year-old guy busted for driving, drinking beer and having sex all at the same time. There is no amount of ability an investigator can have that will make up for a criminal being stupid. Ron Artest officially becomes Metta World Peace today. DePaul coach gets cleaned out while he’s away on an international basketball tour.

Lunchtime Links 8/25/11: Be happy your gramps is not this crazy

Elisha Cuthbert is the girl next door we cannot forget about. This crazy old guy chased down a ref who he didn’t agree with on his rascal. NICE. This man lost a court battle after a doctor cut part of his penis off. This dog can do math… how cool is that? I didn’t think people actually did this to get high, but a woman high on bath salts crashed into a police vehicle… [face palm]. Near and dear to my own heart, this man stole copper from a radio tower… take him down!

Lunchtime Links 8/24/11: Here’s to wishing the best for Pat Summitt.

I don’t really have anything to say about this picture of Megan Fox. Just stare and enjoy. So, I thought an earthquake in DC was weird. Hope everyone is ok. Show this to your boss… it’s a long shot but he might take down that stupid firewall that only allows you to access the company website and Just because it’s your birthday DOES NOT mean you can set your friend on fire. The Rangers could be the best team in baseball, yet their fans are not piling into the stadium. The following video is of a very unprofessional journalist… that being said, if she needs a job… I’m taking applications.

In conclusion I would like to mention the extreme gratitude we all have for Pat Summitt and her contribution to the game of basketball. Her diagnosis of onset dementia is tragic and heartbreaking. We wish her nothing but the best and hope her and her family stay strong as they deal with this in the coming years.

Lunchtime Links 8/23/11: Do you live in one of America’s most promiscuous cities?

Arianny Celeste is beautiful… (and this is literally the most SFW picture I could find of her on the internet, FYI) This man thinks he’s Fred Flinstone, guess what he thought were vitamins were actually PCP. CBS has compiled a list of the most promiscuous cities in the US (via OKCupid), oddly enough, this is also a list for the next 10 cities on Charlie Sheen’s bus tour. 12-year-old solved burglary case. Mizzou study finds that Males believe discussing problems is a waste of time, and I believe reading this article was a waste of time… but I am nevertheless sharing it with you anyway. This man bit two officers at a pee-wee football game… NO BITING! Kate Winslet ran into a burning building and saved a person’s life.

Lunchtime Links 8/22/11: The FBI is really bad at hiding

I know what you might be thinking, but Hillary Duff has matured into a very lovely lady. Accused Teen Bomber picks up wireless network of FBI surveillance, and then shrugs it off. Missouri tells NCAA not to investigate Frank Haith. More people in New York watched Jersey Shore than Yankess-Red Sox, and Joe DiMaggio rolls over in his grave. Kim Kardashian was set to make 17 million off her wedding…. WHAT? Samuel Eto’o is soon to be the highest paid soccer player on the planet for the next three years.

Lunchtime Links 8/17/11: Let the man use the bathroom!

Eva Mendes, the Ole Ball and Chain, the Battle Axe… You have to sign THIS to eat at a Restaurant (ridiculous). Check out this disdain for law enforcement tattooed across the front of this man’s face. The law is on the side of teenage girls and their quest to give their fathers all heart attacks. I love the waffle house… and this story made me mad. And finally… just let the man use the bathroom!

Lunchtime Links 8/15/11: If at first you don’t succeed, handcuff yourself to the girl!

How could anyone forget about Eliza Dushku? Hey, if at first you don’t succeed in asking your co-worker out on a date, handcuff yourself to them until they say yes or call the cops on your crazy ass. Seriously, the lady just wanted a drink… overkill? Want to know what it would be like to hang out with Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman? Jessica Alba had a kid, so it’s time we had a talk about celebs and their crazy things they name their kids. Perhaps the least surprising headline about an NBA player being arrested. (honestly, it was only a matter of time until Kendrick Perkins “wanted to fight everybody.”)

Lunchtime Links 8/11/11: Jeremy Irons has some odd ideas about chivalry

Sara Jean Underwood from G4. Jeremy Irons thinks the ladies need to get over a little pat on the behind here and there. This girl went to Aruba to meet a guy she met on the internet after she left her man, and now she’s gone missing. Be smart ladies. Your eyes are not deceiving you, no that wasn’t 21,337 people at the Marlins game last night. There is a petition to see Bert and Ernie get hitched on Sesame Street. Do we really need to push social agenda’s on children’s programming? A Mexican soccer player had an accident in his pants last night during the friendly between them and the United States.