PORTER-CABLE 557 Biscuit Joiner Review

Hey there, fellow woodworking enthusiasts! 

Today, I want to introduce you to a fantastic tool that’s making waves in the woodworking world – the PORTER-CABLE 557 Biscuit Joiner. 

The PORTER-CABLE 557 Biscuit Joiner is a powerful and versatile tool. Its smart fence, easy blade changes, and ability to handle various biscuit sizes make it an ideal companion for any woodworking adventure. Create flawless wood joints and experience the excitement of biscuit joinery.

If you’re into woodworking like me, you’ll love how this tool can help you easily create amazing projects. Let’s dive into the world of biscuit joinery and see what makes this joiner so special!

PORTER-CABLE 557 Biscuit Joiner Review

The Super Strong Motor and Smart Fence

The PORTER-CABLE 557 Biscuit Joiner has a powerful motor that makes the blade spin super fast – like a racing car! 

This means it can cut through different types of wood smoothly. The joiner also has a smart fence that can tilt at different angles. This nifty feature allows you to make cool corners in your woodwork. 

Also, there’s a special stop at 90 degrees to help you create perfect right-angle corners – like a woodworking pro.

Getting the Perfect Biscuit Positions

Image source: lowes.com

You need to be precise when you join wood pieces together, like a ninja. The PORTER-CABLE 557 helps you do that with its special knob. This magic knob lets you set the biscuit in the right spot for a perfect fit. 

So, no more guessing – you can ensure your joints are spot-on and super strong.

Steady and in Control

Do you know what’s cool about this joiner? 

The handle is attached to the fence, not the motor. This clever design gives you better control and stability when cutting wood.

It’s like having a friend helping you keep the joiner steady and safe while you work – high five for teamwork.

Different Sizes for Different Jobs

Woodworking is full of fun projects; each might need a different-sized biscuit. The PORTER-CABLE 557 is like a superhero – it can handle seven different biscuit sizes.

So, whether your project is big or small, this joiner is ready to save the day and help you out.

Easy Changes and Blade Removal

Changing the tool bits used to be tricky, but not with the PORTER-CABLE 557. 

It has a special feature that makes changing bits super easy with one wrench – it’s like magic.

And if you need to remove the blade, it’s a piece of cake too. No more struggles – this joiner is all about making things simple for you.

Small and Light – Easy to Carry

You should work on your wood projects in different places. 

Well, guess what?

The PORTER-CABLE 557 is small and light, like a feather. This means you can take it anywhere with you – it won’t weigh you down. 

So, let your creativity flow, and take your woodworking fun wherever you go.


  • Powerful 7.0 Amp, 120 V, AC motor
  • Versatile fence system
  • Seven cutting settings for varied biscuit sizes
  • Lock-on trigger for continuous operation
  • A Bale handle attached to the fence for added control and stability
  • Dust port compatible with a vacuum


  • No batteries included
  • Some might find it a tad heavy

Check on Portercable.com


To wrap it up, the PORTER-CABLE 557 Biscuit Joiner is an amazing tool for your workshop. With its powerful motor, smart fence, and precise knob, you can create awesome wood joints in your projects. 

If you want to explore more options, the Makita PJ7000 Plate Joiner is another excellent choice for woodworkers.

So, let’s get excited about the PORTER-CABLE 557 and unleash our woodworking magic.

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