What Wood Goes Well With Purple Heart

From its regal color to its unique grain, purple heart wood is one of the most stunning woodwork woods. Its deep, rich hue has been popular for generations and adds an aura of sophistication to any project. But what goes best with this exotic hardwood? Read on to learn about which types of wood pair well with purple hearts and how to care for them properly. From dark browns to violets and other exotic woods, we’ll explore the best options so you can create stunning pieces that will last a lifetime.

Characteristics of Purple Heart Wood

Purple heart wood (Amaranth) is an exotic hardwood from Central and South America. It has a deep purple color, which tends to darken over time. The wood is extremely dense, making it challenging to work with and prone to chipping or splitting if not appropriately handled. Its unique grain pattern is characterized by swirls and waves, giving it a unique look, unlike any other wood.

Best Woods to Pair with Purple Heart

The key to successfully pairing purple heart wood with other woods is to choose one that will complement its deep hue and exotic grain pattern. Here are some great options:

• Black walnut: This dark brown wood is an excellent choice for contrasting pieces featuring a purple heart. Its classic color will help to bring out the depth of the purple heart’s hue.

• Yellowheart wood: This exotic hardwood from South America has a bright yellow color that will add a cheerful touch to any piece. It pairs nicely with the deep purple of the purple heart for an eye-catching combination.

• Wenge wood: This dark brown African wood has a unique grain pattern that makes it stand out from other woods. Its dark color complements the purple heart perfectly, while its distinctive grain adds visual interest.

• Violet wood: This rare wood is a deep violet color perfect for pairing with a purple heart. Its subtle hue will complement the deep purple of the purple heart without overpowering it.

Caring for Purple Heart Wood

Purple heart wood is incredibly durable, but it requires proper care to ensure its longevity. When working with purple heart wood, use tools specifically designed for hardwoods and take extra care when sawing or sanding the wood. You should also finish your pieces with a protective sealant or oil to protect them from moisture and wear and tear.


Purple heart wood is an exotic hardwood that adds sophistication and elegance to any project. When choosing other woods to pair with it, opt for dark browns, yellows, violets, and other exotic woods that will complement the deep purple hue of the purple heart. With proper care and maintenance, your pieces featuring purple heart wood will last a lifetime.

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