Morality and Business seldom mix in Sports

@TJCarpenterWHB – – Tyrann Mathieu at LSU, Chad Johnson in the NFL and countless other athletes believe they can get away with disregarding rules and laws because of a culture created to idolize them. Teams and businesses build them up because fans are drawn to them and are therefore easy cash cows. The business of sports is almost always the status quo, even though most feign moral obligation as their primary focus. And even when teams like Arkansas take a moral stand and fire coaches, the media criticizes that stance as “bad business”. In the world of sports, business and morality seldom mix. And the punishments doled out to schools and teams are never harsh enough to deter future disregard, just as USC. In their first year back in bowl eligibility, they are favorites to win the National Title.

Everything is Wrong with the Royals

@TJCarpenterWHB – – David Glass refuses to put money into a team that makes him a ton. He will gladly take your money and your love… and your tax dollars. Everything that is wrong with the Royals can really be narrowed down to one guy, and it isn’t Jeff Francoeur.

Don’t sleep on Cassel, Poe on the other hand…

@TJCarpenterWHB – – The Chiefs offense is going to be potent this coming season with everyone healthy, a personnel upgrade, and a new head coach. Despite the fact they DON’T have Charlie Weis calling the plays their numbers should rival or surpass those in 2010. The defensive line on the other hand may not be where most fans would like it to be, and Dontari Poe isn’t the answer people were looking for in the middle. You can hope, but you shouldn’t expect Poe to be the can’t miss player the Chiefs treated him like during the draft.

SEC vs Big 12 debate continues

@TJCarpenterWHB – – As much as our coverage has shifted from the SEC to the Big 12 this week, the conversation has remained the same. Big 12 fans think SEC fans are arrogant and SEC fans don’t care. In fact, they seem to revel in it. Can the Big 12 do what the SEC has? Sure. How? That’s a more complicated question.

The Bill Snyder Sleep Track

@TJCarpenterWHB – –  Head coach of Kansas State, Bill Snyder is doing some great work for those with sleeping disorders. He wants to help the community and lending his voice to a sleep track is a perfect way to do it.

Nick Saban one-on-one interview with TJ Carpenter

@TJCarpenterWHB – – Head Coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Nick Saban sat down one on one with TJ Carpenter to discuss Missouri coach Gary Pinkel and the Tigers as well as his thoughts on a college football playoff and making sure student athletes get a full experience by going to every stadium in the SEC during their careers. It may take a nine game schedule, but Nick is okay with that.

Sports Night with TJ Carpenter: A Culture of Cover up and Fear should get PSU the Death Penalty

@TJCarpenterWHB – – Why should Penn State get the death penalty? Because it defines what “lack of institutional control” means. Not only did it display a lack of institutional control, but took that control gave it to a single man who abused it for well over a decade and likely longer. Penn State was out of control and the end result was the shattered lives of innocent children. Not every institution’s lack of control will result in what happened at Penn State, but why take that risk by not setting a precedent now?

TJ Carpenter: An SEC Welcome

@TJCarpenterWHB – – This is my first blog post. I’m new to Kansas City and WHB and I have to say, I couldn’t feel more welcome in the City of Fountains; nice people, great barbeque, and it feels pretty cool to be on the strongest sports radio signal in the country. That being said, I’m an SEC guy and if you’re a Mizzou fan, don’t expect to feel as welcome in your new home as I feel in mine.

I was talking with a lifelong Jayhawk fan last night about the unmistakable pride (and some would argue arrogance) SEC fans have in their conference. It’s a pride that has made members of other conferences feel obligated to develop some of the same in their own; but it never is the same. By now, you’ve probably heard the most repeated phrase from people in SEC country when trying to explain what exactly makes their brand of football so superior in every single way, “It’s just different here in the South.” And that was his biggest complaint, “what exactly don’t I understand? You say it’s different, how?”
Well I’ll explain it to you. You may not want to believe it, you may not want to accept it, but in the end you’ll experience it for yourself. When that happens, you’ll both believe and accept it and want to grow to be a part of it.

Sports Night with TJ Carpenter: Royals must change a culture of losing

@TJCarpenterWHB – – Hal McRae talked about a Royals team that refused to lose. Yet for today’s Royals it seems to come so easy. How do you change a culture surrounding a team that has accepted losing? TJ discusses at length and then Royals fans weigh in over the phone.

VIDEO: The SEC hype machine is up and running

@TJCarpenterWHB – – SEC fans are creating videos in commemoration of last season in order to build anticipation for the coming season. With SEC Media days just over a week away, you can expect more of these in the near near future. Missouri? Texas A&M? Are you sure you’re ready for this?

Here is one from last season: